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The GIFs & Giggles GIF Photobooth…

Waaayyyy Cooler than the average Photo Booth

The GIFs and Giggles GIFbooth is not just any old average “photo booth”, but a seriously fun digital spin on the classic party add-on.

With our Magic Mirror GIFbooth your guests create animated GIFs to capture all the fun & action of the party! Delivering unlimited instant GIFs straight to your guests’ smartphones for them to enjoy and share on Social Media channels. You’ll also get access to an online gallery where you can view & download (& chuckle over) all the GIFs from your event! 

The Magic Mirror, is super-stylish, compact and looks awesome in every venue!

The Magic Mirror takes a series of flattering, HD pictures that are put together and turned into an animation.

Why is a GIF Booth great?

Glad you asked! Because your guests can create funny, personal and attention-grabbing animations by moving and posing as the pictures are taken, giving you fantastic memories to keep forever.

GIF Booth content is eye catching and always stands out when it’s shared on social media, so great publicity for corporate events.

All GIFs, Photos or Videos created can be personalised with logos and/or details/styling for your event.

Images can also be printed after the event, with personalised branding also.

Easy to Use!

The Magic Mirror is so simple to use, everyone can join in the fun! This also means no long queues taking your guests away from the party – just a whole lot of extra fun and GIGGLES!!!

Simply hit the start button, pull your best moves and share… Done. Repeat!

Funky Design

Not only does the Magic Mirror look great and blend into any environment, it also has a teeny tiny footprint & takes up minimal space at your venue!

Go Anywhere

So, because it’s small, it’s also portable AND the Magic Mirror comes with it’s own power source, so the GIFbooth can reach places no regular photobooth can reach… Fields, barns, beaches – you name it!!

There are no limits!

Instant Sharing

Create your GIF, & choose your option to share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email, iMessage, & Apple Airdrop!

GIFs are also uploaded to a live online gallery for you to download after the event.*

Personalised GIFs

Send us your wording, theme or logo and we’ll create and apply a personalised overlay for every GIF, image or video from your event.

Great publicity for corporate clients!

You Choose!

So we think GIFs are the best fun!!

BUT, the Magic Mirror can also create still images and short videos – great for your guests to leave you personal messages on your Wedding Day!

Just give us your choice before the event and we’ll do the rest!

*Internet connection required. GIFs created at venues with no connection will be delivered/uploaded as soon as connection resolved.

Ready to book the GIFs & Giggles Magic Mirror for your Wedding, Birthday Party or Corporate Event?

or Get in touch to check your date!

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