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Some of those Frequently Asked Questions…

What is a GIF?

A GIF is a simple digital animation made from a series of combined photos taken in quick succession.


How easy is it to operate the GIF Booth?

It’s so easy to use, that even grandma can get her GIF on!! It has a simple prompt on the screen that will count down to capture the next GIF or photo when tapped. It will then ask for your guest’s number and be instantly delivered to their phone to enjoy and share!


How do we/our guests get the images?

Guests email themselves from the booth. GIFs can then be shared across all social media platforms. Additionally, everything gets uploaded to a private gallery.


Can we customise the images/GIFs?

Yes! Send us your logo or preferred wording and we’ll create an overlay that will be applied to every GIF or image created at your event.


Can I have access to all of the GIFs from my event?

Absolutely! Each event has its own gallery, where all of the GIFs or photos captured are stored. As they are delivered, your guests will be provided with a link to the gallery, the gallery will stay live for at least one month after the event is over so you can chuckle over all of the fun you and your guests had at the Party!


Do you provide backdrop & props with the Magic Mirror?

No, not as a standard. We think the fun of the Magic Mirror is you! Using a wall at the venue as a backdrop, or putting it on the lawn after the ceremony brings your event into the GIFs that you create, making them more personal. Or you could bring props that reflect who you are.

We do though, provide backdrops and props as extras on request.

Can I choose still images instead of GIFs?

Well, you could… But why would you when GIFs are so much more fun!!

The Magic Mirror can capture GIFs, Video & Still Photos for anyone who would like to give their guests the option.


Does the Magic Mirror Print?

The Magic Mirror GIF Booth is all digital. Images and GIFs cane be shared directly from the booth and everything gets uploaded to an online gallery.

Print can be ordered directly from the gallery after the event.


What do we need to do?

If you ‘add-on’ on a backdrop, approximately 8 square feet of space is recommended. If you’re not including a backdrop, very little space is required and, if possible, we often recommend placing the booth just off the dance floor for easy access for your guests. Ideally with power access available within 6 feet of the unit. Battery powered options are available for locations without a power source.

WiFi access is required in order to instantly share GIFs with the guests, so be sure to provide the network name and password with us prior to the event so it doesn’t delay setup.


What if our Wifi signal is rubbish?!

If your WiFi signal is poor, everything captured will be delivered after the GIF Booth returns home later that evening and reconnects to the interwebs.


Do you carry insurance?

Yes. Both business and liability insurance is carried and a Certificate of Insurance can be provided, if required by your venue.


I already have a Photo Booth, could I have a GIF Booth at my event too?

If space allows, of course you can get the best of both worlds! The GIF booth offers a very different digital experience than the more common photo booth, that prints 3 or 4 still images on a photo strip.

Why not give your guests 2 souvenirs to remember your event?

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